PEATSIDE 2018 Release

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Our much-loved Peatside is back with a rich, luscious twist. Our previous batch of peated malts started its journey to maturity in bourbon and finished in Madeira casks. However, this vatting of malts has spent the first half of its life in bourbon casks and impressively matured in two first fill Pedro Ximènez Sherry hogsheads for its final years. By further maturing Scotch whisky in fresh casks, our Whisky Creations Team can showcase a brilliant balance between oak and spirit. This Peatside is a perfect example of the Art of Maturation that we are dedicated to at Murray McDavid.


Nose: sweet char, fruits, smoked kippers

Palate: lush fruits, oak spice, peat

Finish: long, sweet hickory


Aged 7 Years
  • Trade Secret
  • 2018
  • Bourbon Hogshead
  • 1st refill Pedro Ximènez
  • 3