The maturation process is of the utmost importance in creating great Scotch whisky. Putting clear, new distilled spirit into an oak cask is the process of whisky maturation. Selecting the type of wood and how long the spirit is matured is the Art of Maturation.

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For the last quarter of a century, our Whisky Creations Team (WCT) have been prominent innovators of cask maturation, challenging the status quo of the Scotch whisky industry.

Questioning the standard conventions of maturing whisky in commonplace casks, our team developed visionary maturation techniques, seeking exceptionally well-sourced oak casks from the very best vineyards and bodegas across Europe and whiskey-makers of America.

This is inspired Scotch whisky.

We understand the importance of maturation in the making of exceptional Scotch whisky. Around 75% of a whisky’s flavour will develop from the cask. This is why we use the very best wood, not only to balance the natural character of spirit but also to gradually develop it into something truly extraordinary.

This is the Art of Maturation.

‘Our goal is to complement the spirits’ character with exceptional oak casks

This is the Art of Maturation’

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With over 40,000 casks, from over 90 different distilleries from across Scotland, our inventory of Scotch whisky is vast.

We buy spirit at many different ages, some not yet old enough to be called a Scotch whisky whilst a small amount in the shopping cart has already been maturing for thirty years. Our Whisky Creations Team assess not only the quality of new spirit coming into our warehouses but the structure of the spirit with one question in mind… what would elevate the character of this whisky?

Whether it’s a hearty peated malt from Islay or a soft sweet malt from Speyside, the interaction between the spirit and oak is equally as critical but they need to be treated differently. A light style of spirit, distilled using tall copper stills, will require a gentler style of maturation – just a few months in a 1st fill bourbon barrel or a refill Sherry hogshead. A thick, oily style of malt will be able to stand-up to a heavier style of maturation, multiple years in a 1st fill red wine barrique or a Pedro Ximinez Sherry cask.

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